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Church Closure

Dear friends in Christ,

As you are all aware, we have entered a time of uncertainty, a worldwide pandemic, a time of unprecedented measures globally, nationally, regionally and now locally. This is a time as Christians that calls for an even stronger response to love our neighbors then ever before. This is a time as siblings in Christ to live into our baptismal identity as children of God to protect and care for one another. This is a time, we as leaders need to think creatively how we can still remain connected as the body of Christ without corporate worship, face to face Bible studies, meetings, quilting, choir and all of the ways we long to be together socially.

I am writing to inform you that Immanuel has made the difficult, but most responsible decision to cease all activities including worship (Wednesdays and Sundays) for the next two weeks. This comes highly recommended by our NEMN Synod Bishop Tom Aitkin as well. It is our responsibility to make decisions that protect, care for and take into account those that are vulnerable and at the margins. We are doing our part to flatten the curve of this pandemic.

During this time of not being “church” in our building, I will be providing worship, Bible study links, devotional opportunities via Facebook, our website and email. Now is a good time to make sure the church has your email address. You can email it to

Please be sure to check in with your neighbors, your pew neighbors, your church friends and others as a way to stay connected. Pick up the phone, write a card and send it, we will have to rely on one another during this time.

Please know that if you have any needs yourself (medication pick up, groceries, food) our health ministry team is available and ready to assist. You can call our Parish Nurse Faye Mobilia at 753-6708 or myself and we will coordinate what we can to help out.

Since we are not worshiping together in our building, but virtually or online, I encourage you to remember the church during this time by continuing to tithe and send in your gift of offering. The church’s mailing address is PO BOX 466 Tower, MN 55790. We understand this worldwide situation will mean hardship for some of our families as well as many churches, businesses and organizations that depend completely on giving.

I encourage each of you to find the “gift” this current situation has to offer you. Time with family, time to slow down, time to read, time to pray and start a spiritual practice, time to get back to good old fashioned communication, time to take naps, time for walks, time to enjoy music, time to reflect, time to write, time to sing or dust off that old instrument. If we all remain calm, social distance as a responsibility to

each other, and find the gift that awaits you these next two weeks, perhaps we will be back together in no time!

We will no long take for granted corporate worship, social gatherings, the internet, each other…. We will have a new found appreciation for the gifts, the treasures, the people we have in our lives each and every day that have helped us get through the unknowns that we face today.

Thank you all for your understanding. Let’s pray for one another over the next couple of weeks. Take out your directory and spend time praying for one another, it’s a great place to get addresses and phone numbers so you can stay in touch as well!

If you would like to order an Easter lily please let me know ASAP. They are $20 and even if we don’t worship together by Easter, I will deliver them to you! You can call or email the church office at 753-2378 or and then send in your money.

If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call. Our church council and health ministry team are filled with great leaders who are here for you during this time as well. Together we will find hope in the green blade that will rise again!

Take care of yourself. Stay home. Stay healthy. Keep the faith!

Pastor Liz


Other numbers, addresses, emails, websites to keep close by: email – Pr. Liz checks this daily as well)

218-753-2378 – church phone number

PO BOX 466 Tower, MN 55790 – Church mailing address - Church website

218-753-6708 - Dan & Faye Mobilia (Council President and Parish Nurse)

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Tower – Church Facebook page

Church Council:Dan Mobilia (President); Lynn Scott (Vice); Eric Norberg (Secretary); Cindy Zollar (Treasurer); Marit Kringstad; Llyod McIntire; John Aronson, Jim Carlson, Wayne Dahl

Health Ministry Team:Faye Mobilia (Parish Nurse), Muriel Scott, Cathy Carlson, Barbara Rinne, Kay Hanson, Marit Kringstad, Shelley Padgett, Ilene Rice, Pastor Liz

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